Pharmacists in the C-Suite Offer New Perspectives on Patient Care

AS HOSPITAL AND HEALTH SYSTEM MERGERS and acquisitions increase, pharmacy directors have begun to step into executive positions that allow them ... [read more]
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Jan 09, 2015

Pharmacists’ Investigational Drug Services Aid Ebola Response

THE HANDFUL OF  U.S. CASES OF EBOLA  VIRUS DISEASE (EVD) have cast investigational drug therapy into the national spotlight and brought ... [read more]
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Dec 03, 2014

From Political Novice to Seasoned Advocate: Getting Involved in Provider Status

MY POLITICAL "CAREER" BEGAN with some notes scribbled on a napkin at a Starbucks in the fall of 2007. It was just me and my department head ... [read more]
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Nov 07, 2014

Ebola Cases Bring Practical and Clinical Challenges

CARING FOR THE FIRST TWO EBOLA virus–infected humanitarian workers in the United States required high-level clinical services for the patients as ... [read more]
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Oct 16, 2014

Making the Case for H.R. 4190 with the Cleveland Clinic C-Suite

THE IMPORTANCE OF H.R. 4190 and reimbursement for pharmacy services in outpatient clinics is clear to pharmacists. But, understandably, other ... [read more]
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Oct 08, 2014

Lessons from My Uncle: Creating Relationships Across the Continuum

MY UNCLE CLAUDE OWNED AND RAN A PHARMACY in southern Louisiana for over 40 years. As a boy, I remember going into the pharmacy, and Uncle Claude ... [read more]
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Sep 11, 2014