Pharmacists Integrate into Geriatric Emergency Department

EDITOR'S NOTE: The American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) recently approved a policy supporting clinical pharmacy services in emergency ... [read more]
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Jul 22, 2015

Pharmacists Praise New Medicare Billing Opportunities

RECENT UPDATES TO THE INCIDENT-TO BILLING REQUIREMENTS from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have created new opportunities for ... [read more]
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Jan 19, 2015

New ASHP eReports Focus on Practice Challenges

ASHP RECENTLY LAUNCHED a new product line in its eBookstore called “ASHP eReports.” Similar to Amazon Kindle Singles, the eBook publications cost ... [read more]
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Apr 03, 2014

A Bold New Look, Feel for the ASHP Summer Meetings

  The 2014 ASHP SUMMER MEETINGS in Las Vegas will look very different from their predecessors. Instead of a single large meeting, ... [read more]
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Mar 13, 2014

Landmark Provider Status Bill Introduced in Congress

A NEW PROVIDER STATUS BILL that extends pharmacists' services to medically underserved areas of the country has received strong support from ... [read more]
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Mar 12, 2014

Our Past Year and the Year Ahead

I VALUE THE OPPORTUNITIES I have to meet with and talk to members. During my visits to state affiliate meetings, schools of pharmacy, and the ... [read more]
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Feb 04, 2014