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Can Volunteering for a Political Campaign Help Your Patients?

ASHP Past-President Schultz Shows How Personal Advocacy Can Move the Needle for Pharmacy

THE EXPERIENCE THAT KATHRYN R. SCHULTZ, Pharm.D., MPH, FASHP, has had in the advocacy realm proves the old adage that all politics is ... [read more]
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Oct 29, 2014

The Ebola Outbreak: ASHP’s Actions

I WOULD FIRST LIKE TO SAY that our hearts go out to the patients, families, and healthcare workers who have been stricken by the Ebola virus. ... [read more]
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Oct 21, 2014

Ebola Cases Bring Practical and Clinical Challenges

CARING FOR THE FIRST TWO EBOLA virus–infected humanitarian workers in the United States required high-level clinical services for the patients as ... [read more]
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Oct 16, 2014

Making the Case for H.R. 4190 with the Cleveland Clinic C-Suite

THE IMPORTANCE OF H.R. 4190 and reimbursement for pharmacy services in outpatient clinics is clear to pharmacists. But, understandably, other ... [read more]
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Oct 08, 2014