The Power of Policy: Pathways to the Future

SOMETIMES, WHEN PEOPLE THINK of the word "policy," they think of "red tape," bureaucracy, or an arduous process. However, when I think about the ... [read more]
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Sep 06, 2012

Innovations in Reimbursement

Pharmacists Branching Out into New Models of Patient Care

LAST APRIL, THE PHARMACY DIRECTOR of a large, multi-hospital health system in the Midwest phoned Gloria Sachdev, Pharm.D., clinical assistant ... [read more]
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Sep 06, 2012

NQF Recognizes Pharmacists as Leaders

Safe Practice 18 Offers New Growth Opportunities

IN ITS NEW SET OF SAFE PRACTICES, the National Quality Forum is championing the need for pharmacists’ leadership in medication management, an ... [read more]
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Jan 21, 2010