The Constant in the Patient Care Equation

Editor’s Note: The following inaugural address was given by new ASHP President Christene M. Jolowsky, M.S., R.Ph., FASHP, at ASHP’s Summer ... [read more]
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Jun 03, 2014

ASHP Celebrates 50 Years of Residency Accreditation

  WHEN YOU THINK OF THE 1960s, chances are you think of the civil rights movement, the passage of the Medicare law, the women’s ... [read more]
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Jun 26, 2013

From the President

Brave New World: Pharmacy Comes into Its Own

Personalized medicine: It sounds like something you would read about in a novel or see in a movie. But recent scientific advances are leading to ... [read more]
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Feb 28, 2012

Online Resource Center Focuses on Multidose Medications

ASHP has launched a new website to help pharmacists facilitate patient care transition, reduce pharmaceutical waste, and control drug costs. The ... [read more]
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Sep 22, 2011

Informatics and the Health-System Pharmacist

Creating a Better Safety Net

AMONG THE SIGNIFICANT TRANSFORMATIONS in hospital pharmacy practice that have pushed the profession toward more direct, safe, and effective ... [read more]
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Jun 14, 2011

ASHP Partners with HHS on Patient Safety, Performance Measure Initiatives

ASHP has joined the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and a group of leading hospital, provider, and patient groups in an effort to ... [read more]
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Jun 14, 2011