Pharmacists Integral to Continuity of Care at Scott and White Memorial Hospital

Work to Create High-Risk Medication Team Pays Off for Patients

DISCHARGE FROM HOSPITAL TO HOME or a long-term care facility is a busy time for both patients and care providers. When administrators at Scott and ... [read more]
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Feb 25, 2013

Expansion into Prescribing at the VA

Pharmacy Team Moves into Exciting New Areas of Patient Care

A KEY ELEMENT of advancing pharmacy practice—and a recommendation of ASHP’s Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative—is the expansion of ... [read more]
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Feb 25, 2013

From the President

Superstorm Sandy Brings Out MVPs in Hospitals Across Northeast

AS WE BEGIN A NEW YEAR, I always like to look back at the year that was and focus on moments of success. In my inaugural address, I urged all ... [read more]
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Jan 17, 2013

Storm Prep Pays Off for Brooklyn Hospital

Staggered Scheduling Ensures Quality Patient Care During Hurricane Sandy

Editor’s Note: While hospitals near the Atlantic Ocean braced for Hurricane Sandy and prepared to evacuate as necessary, medical centers ... [read more]
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Jan 17, 2013

Innovations in Reimbursement

Pharmacists Branching Out into New Models of Patient Care

LAST APRIL, THE PHARMACY DIRECTOR of a large, multi-hospital health system in the Midwest phoned Gloria Sachdev, Pharm.D., clinical assistant ... [read more]
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Sep 06, 2012

Foundation’s Visiting Leaders Program Links Past to Future

Pharmacy Leaders Offer Wisdom, Experience to Residents

Although John Darnell, Pharm.D., is just embarking on his pharmacy career, he already can see how easy it would be, a few years down the road, to ... [read more]
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Jun 28, 2012