Residency Match Day 2020

Dear Colleagues, CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WHO MATCHED during Phase I of the 2020 ASHP Residency Match! All of your hard work and dedication have ... [read more]
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Mar 13, 2020

ASHP Update on Activities During and in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC is taking a major toll on people in the United States and around the world. The pandemic is taxing our entire healthcare ... [read more]
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Mar 12, 2020

New Mexico Legislation Expands Access to Pharmacist Care

Dear Colleagues, A concerted and highly organized effort has resulted in a significant step forward for pharmacists and patients in New ... [read more]
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Feb 21, 2020

ASHP Taking Steps to Address Drug Manufacturing Quality and National Security Risks

Dear Colleagues, A recently released report from the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission underscores the need to address our ... [read more]
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Nov 18, 2019

ASHP Opioid Task Force Focuses on Role of Pharmacists in Combating Opioid Crisis

This week we look forward to convening an Opioid Task Force meeting to address the important roles pharmacists play in combating the opioid ... [read more]
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Sep 30, 2019

ASHP Assumes Leadership Role in GTMRx Institute to “Get the Medications Right”

ASHP RECENTLY ANNOUNCED that we have joined the Board of Directors of a very promising new organization called the GTMRx Institute. Launched in ... [read more]
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Aug 14, 2019