From Political Novice to Seasoned Advocate: Getting Involved in Provider Status

MY POLITICAL "CAREER" BEGAN with some notes scribbled on a napkin at a Starbucks in the fall of 2007. It was just me and my department head ... [read more]
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Nov 07, 2014

Making the Case for H.R. 4190 with the Cleveland Clinic C-Suite

THE IMPORTANCE OF H.R. 4190 and reimbursement for pharmacy services in outpatient clinics is clear to pharmacists. But, understandably, other ... [read more]
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Oct 08, 2014

A New Provider Status Milestone: 103 Co-Sponsors!

I WANTED YOU TO KNOW that we have reached the critical milestone of 103 congressional co-sponsors of the provider status legislation, H.R. 4190. ... [read more]
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Sep 12, 2014

Lessons from My Uncle: Creating Relationships Across the Continuum

MY UNCLE CLAUDE OWNED AND RAN A PHARMACY in southern Louisiana for over 40 years. As a boy, I remember going into the pharmacy, and Uncle Claude ... [read more]
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Sep 11, 2014

Achieving Provider Status One Letter at a Time

FOR MANY YEARS, I’ve been an active member of the North Carolina Association of Pharmacists and ASHP. But more recently, one issue in ... [read more]
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Sep 09, 2014

ASHP Members Offer Special Expertise to Med-Use Panels

MEASURING, MONITORING, AND IMPROVING PATIENT CARE is becoming increasingly important in today’s healthcare environment, and the opportunity for ... [read more]
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Jul 22, 2014