ASHP’s New PhORCAS™ System Streamlines Residency Application Process

Website Allows Applicants to Submit, Track Applications Online

  With the October launch of its Pharmacy Online Residency Centralized Application Service™ (PhORCAS™), ASHP has pushed aside the ... [read more]
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Nov 20, 2012

Foundation’s Visiting Leaders Program Links Past to Future

Pharmacy Leaders Offer Wisdom, Experience to Residents

Although John Darnell, Pharm.D., is just embarking on his pharmacy career, he already can see how easy it would be, a few years down the road, to ... [read more]
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Jun 28, 2012

The Growing Focus on Credentialing and Specialization

IN A TIGHTENING JOB MARKET AND WITH NEW national health care quality standards on the horizon, pharmacists are increasingly turning to specialty ... [read more]
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Jun 14, 2011

Helping Residents Prepare for Emergencies

THERE HAS BEEN A PLANE CRASH NEARBY, a train car containing chlorine gas has just spilled, we need to evacuate the third floor of the hospital ... [read more]
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Mar 28, 2011

Pharmacy Job Market Changing

Competition for Prime Spots Increasing

JUST FIVE YEARS AGO, newly minted pharmacists were assured of placement in their desired residencies and jobs. With a broad job market and ... [read more]
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Dec 26, 2010