At Wishard Hospital, Better Diabetes Care through Teamwork

Collaborative Practice Agreements Expand Pharmacy Services

DIABETES MANAGEMENT can be tricky, especially for patients who have been diagnosed and prescribed oral agents or insulin to help them control ... [read more]
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Mar 25, 2013

CPPA’s Value to Pharmacy Practice

  AS YOU MAY BE AWARE, ASHP recently joined the Center for Pharmacy Practice Accreditation (CPPA) as a governing member. We believe that ... [read more]
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Mar 13, 2013

Pharmacists Integral to Continuity of Care at Scott and White Memorial Hospital

Work to Create High-Risk Medication Team Pays Off for Patients

DISCHARGE FROM HOSPITAL TO HOME or a long-term care facility is a busy time for both patients and care providers. When administrators at Scott and ... [read more]
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Feb 25, 2013

Expansion into Prescribing at the VA

Pharmacy Team Moves into Exciting New Areas of Patient Care

A KEY ELEMENT of advancing pharmacy practice—and a recommendation of ASHP’s Pharmacy Practice Model Initiative—is the expansion of ... [read more]
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Feb 25, 2013

Achieving Provider Status for Pharmacists

ACHIEVING PROVIDER STATUS under Section 1861 of the Social Security Act is important for the profession. It is essential to recognize pharmacists ... [read more]
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Jan 02, 2013

Froedtert Health Expands Roles of Pharmacy Technicians

Pilot Project Demonstrates Success of Medication History Collection in ED

When Tyler Van Schyndel, Pharm.D., was choosing his pharmacy residency project in 2011, he wanted one that would leave a lasting mark. He chose ... [read more]
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Nov 20, 2012