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Sep 28, 2010

The Complicated World of REMS

Unwinding Risk Mitigation

IN 2007, with the passage of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Amendments Act, the FDA was granted new authority to require a Risk ... [read more]
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Jun 02, 2010

Pharmacy in the Age of Social Networking

Where Are the Boundaries?

LIKE OTHER CLINICIANS, pharmacists use online social networking to maintain friendships, expand their professional relationships, and even keep ... [read more]
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Jun 01, 2010

Uncle Sam Wants YOU for Disaster Relief

Pharmacists Serving Important Roles on DMATs, IMSuRTs

AS NEWS SPREADS OF THE DEVASTATION wrought by the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile this winter, many pharmacists wondered what they could do to help. ... [read more]
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Jun 01, 2010

Not Your Average Pharmacy Job

Members Practice in All Kinds of Environments

PRACTICING PHARMACY IN A HOSPITAL OR HEALTH SYSTEM is a challenging and exciting field with abundant career opportunities. But have you ever ... [read more]

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